Let Women out of the house and put them in the House


I spent Thanksgiving watching women in my family take care of men.

It is time for men to give women the credit they are due, and the right to make decisions as they see fit. After everything that’s happened these past few years – from Weiner selfies to countless sexual harassment scandals and reports of drug use among men in power – it’s time to have a real conversation about the impact male formal authority has on women.

Women (most women) always seem to be on the right side of history. Look at the past few hundred years. Women have been behind some of the most important social movements of our nation’s history. Yet when push comes to shove, the first people men shove aside are women – especially when the economy is in jeopardy. After all, what’s the incentive to pay women the same as men if they are just going to compete against men in a weak workforce?

Apparently it’s a better strategy to keep women at home than to let them participate in a world where they may, heaven forbid, achieve self-sufficiency. In fact, the underlying message “marriage is the union of one man and one women” practically squarely places women at home with children and men in the office.

From the abolition of slavery, to suffrage, prohibition, entering the workforce when needed during wars, to sexual liberation movements – and even marriage equality – women have been a voice of reason and a force of nature, even when they don’t agree. Yet when the time comes for women to make decisions for themselves, men take it upon themselves to remind our “little ladies” that men know best.

Women had the right to vote in most colonies prior to 1776, and it wasn’t until male legislators outlawed women suffrage that they lost the vote until the early 1990’s. I’m glad we can’t get Hillary Clinton and Sen. Elizabeth Warren off the brain for the 2016 Presidential election – and I hope we have more women challenge the intransigent blockheads blocking every initiative “not” coming out of Washington.

Men brought this on themselves making Washington, DC so dysfunctional we don’t expect leadership anymore. Women get elected, the same way as men – by getting more votes. But women will stay in office by getting more done, no doubt.

Florida congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, recently told MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “If we put all the women, Republican and Democrat, in the House together, the consensus from all of us is that we would get [this] done in a few hours.”  The statement isn’t a stretch since many experts say men like to have the last word while women seek mutual agreement. Sound familiar?

Women make up less than 20% of the current Congress and come nowhere near attracting as as much scandal as men. And worse, when men in office screw up, other men defend them.

Ana Navarro, a republican strategist, recently told a group that when a man suggests rape is anything other than an involuntary act of violence they should be tarred, feathered and thrown out of office. Yet when a man utters an ignorant phrase like “legitimate rape,” men fall over themselves to explain, “what was really meant” by an ignorant statement like that.

It isn’t a new idea to suggest women need to be better represented in our political system. Parity, inclusion and representation are the only way women will ever secure the justice men have enjoyed. What is new, however, is the gridlock in Washington has gotten so bad we are leaving everyone behind and making a mockery of a democratic system that should be the envy of the world.

And it’s disingenuous to suggest women are at fault for our current political snag, since we barely let them participate in politics.

In the next year, men will use the same old tactics they’ve always used to stay in power. So if you like the status quo, vote for the guys who won’t let “gals” have a voice in decisions that affect women and the rest of us. But If you can’t vote for another condescending GOP Senate candidate like Mark Jacobs who thinks “we need to appeal to women’s emotions,” close the gender gap by putting men who don’t understand women where they belong – anywhere but Washington.

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