It Takes a Village

It takes a village. While working remotely helping my 70-year old father set up his home in western Greece, I found myself surrounded by nothing but wilderness, mountains, and extended family.  After living in a village, in a country with starkly different values than in the US, there is no denying how deeply divided we are over... Continue Reading →

The World Cup is the New Melting Pot

The World Cup is everywhere this year, like no year before. The World Cup has surpassed any chatter about the 2014 Sochi Olympics (even with all the angst between President Obama and Vladimir Putin), the 2014 Super Bowl and this year’s March Madness on social media. In Spain or Brazil this wouldn’t be a surprise... Continue Reading →

Elaine Noble – 1974

It's been 40 years since our friend Elaine Noble took the stand to defend marriage equality in this video, and even though our messages are more refined; the arguments are still the same. Consider all of the loving couples who never got to see today, especially those LGBT people who endured the kind of bias Elaine... Continue Reading →

Benham Brothers Believe Bullies got to HGTV

Home and Garden Television made a decision to cancel David and Jason Benham's Flip it Forward after controversial comments about "homosexuality," made last year by David Benham, resurfaced. The network hasn't given a specific reason for abandoning the show, but enough hoopla surrounding Benham's comments leaves little doubt that his dogmatic views were a factor... Continue Reading →

NOH8 Campaign – Coming to Compass May 5th

In January of this year several of Compass' staff attended the Creating Change Conference, an annual gathering of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender activists. We encountered the NOH8 Campaign and decided to participate. We recently received our pictures and notice that NOH8 will be making several stops throughout Florida next month. NOH8 is hosting open shoots... Continue Reading →

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