Ice Bucket Challenge deserves respect, not jeers

It was only a matter of time before the ALS Bucket Challenge attracted negative attention, just because it's been so successful. Every business owner dreams of seeing a product they promote go viral — and as a person who runs a business reliant on the generosity of others, it's beautiful to see people dousing themselves... Continue Reading →

Problem with government is brutal wasting of time

All the hoopla around a federal government shutdown is baffling, as though the war waged on our own government only culminates into single events happening at precise moments. All the fiscal cliffs, debt ceilings, permanent tax cuts, federal government shutdowns — all of these "events" we continue to debate and celebrate — are mini-strokes compared... Continue Reading →

Anthony Weiner thinking about his own selfie

If Anthony Weiner's last name wasn't such an obvious target, discussing why it's important to talk about him would be less complicated. For the past few weeks his name has been thrown around with Elliot Spitzer and San Diego Mayor Bob Fliner – and even former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford - but the visceral... Continue Reading →

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